Are We Homeschooling or Quarantine Schooling – That is the Question?

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Let’s talk about the term “homeschooling” being misused across social media during the COVID-19 global pandemic. I personally feel that all of us who have children attending formal schools or educational institutions and are home during this quarantine time are NOT homeschooling!!!

This is ‘quaratine schooling!’

Firstly, I salute all the brave parents who consider homeschooling their children. But homeschooling is a personal choice that parents make for their children. It is not forced upon them during a global pandemic. Hence the term #quaratineschooling.

Another distinction: Homeschooling is about creating co-ops, visiting libraries and museums, camping trips, play dates, going for nature walks and hiking, book clubs and most importantly creating your own material and curriculum for teaching your child.

Each homeschooler has a unique approach to their curriculum. None of the homeschoolers have teachers who send work plans, resources, worksheets and activities for their child each Monday to their inbox for that particular week. It requires a lot of time and effort! It took my co-teacher and I approximately 22 hours to create material for our students for the next two weeks considering that we cannot draw upon resources that are now shut down. No more camping trips, play dates, or trips to the library and museums.

We are living in historic times, and being locked up at home is not normal. This poses unique challenges in educating our young ones, which is why I consider there is a world of difference between ‘quarantineschooling’ and ‘homeschooling.’ During this quarantine school we need to teach our children how to deal with the unexpected, make them feel secure and loved during this big change in their lives and our lives.

So let’s get this real and accept the reality of ‘quarantine schooling’ and ‘homeschooling.’ While I am no expert on these two types of schoolings, I’d still say that I love being a Montessori guide and advocate. This world is your child’s classroom no matter what kind of schooling they may be part of. Right now the adults and children are learning life long lessons through these strange times. We are all coping and learning how to live a life amidst the chaos with people going crazy over buying toilet paper. Your children will be back with their dedicated teachers soon (hopefully!) Parents take a deep breath and smile 🙂

2 thoughts on “Are We Homeschooling or Quarantine Schooling – That is the Question?

  1. This was a a great read, thank you. I’ve been quite uncomfortable with the term homeschooling – quarantine schooling makes me feel like it’s directed and a bit less pressure. We are relying 99% on the curriculum provided and we thank you very much for that.

  2. Thank you Sharmeen for sharing about the distinction. This distinction helps parents focus their time bonding and supporting their child in the ways they need it most. It also honors and respects the countless hours educators are dedications to distancing learning.

    Rooting For You

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