Is the ‘Dallas Arboretum’ on your list, this Fall?

Everyone is either suffering from the pumpkin fever already or will be, in a few days. I am a part of a very generous school, that believes in fun and hands-on learning. It has been just 6 weeks into the school year and can you believe it that last week, we had our second field trip of this academic year already. So do you agree, it being generous then? 😉

Pumpkin scavenger hunt

Our Elementary team visited the Arboretum, last week. It sure was officially the third of Fall (September 25th), but Texas weather has a mind of its own. Warm weather and Texas get along very well.

The weather cooperated with us till noon, as the clouds sheltered our beautiful students from the Sun. It did get a little warm later, but the heat cannot beat my energizer bunnies, as they sure know how to have fun.

Feeding the fish

Our day at the Arboretum began with an educational workshop on Texas Native Wetlands with our sweet guide Ms Debra. She was super engaging and shared a lot of interesting information. We learned that not all bodies of water are a wetland. Our vocabulary increased with some new words likes marshes, estuaries, coral reefs, bogs, lakes and flood plains, to name a few. Our guide also talked about the species that live in their wetland and how they help to start the food chains.

The children are busy recording their readings to determine the quality of the water

As an extension of this workshop, our young scientists got to use different types of equipment to determine the quality of the water and see if it was a healthy wetland? After several readings, our recorders concluded that the water quality was at the lower end of ‘good,’ as they found 3 pollution sensitive species, 10 somewhat pollution tolerant species and only 4 pollution tolerant species. It was fun to end this activity by sharing information about our school creek with Ms. Debra. (Yes!! Students at Archgate Montessori Academy are privileged to enjoy the most beautiful outdoor learning spaces.)

Young scientists at work!

After lunch, we headed towards the exclusive pumpkin exhibit. We think it is going to be the best display, this Fall with the ‘Charlie Brown’ theme and highly recommend it. (Now through October 31st, 2019.) Our students enjoyed the maze, explored all kinds of pumpkins and ended the exhibit with a scavenger hunt. You can even buy your own pumpkin for $4 from the exhibit. Highlight of this space was when our children saw a group of ‘Senior Citizens,’ and decided to go and have a chat with them. I wish I could capture those beautiful smiles and priceless bonding and share it with you here. I sure am a very proud guide to these big-hearted empathetic individuals.

If you did not have the Arboretum on your Fall exploration list yet, now is a great time to add it, as you don’t want to miss these ‘Pumpkins and Peanuts!!!’

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