It is ok to Break the Rules sometimes and Slow Down!!

Do you ever break the rules and surprise your children? Yesterday was that kind of day for me as a mom. I am the disciplinarian of the family while my husband is the real trophy dad. He is the buffer and the parent who showers our children with patience and indulgence.

While I am responsible for fostering an environment that helps develop a love of learning, sometimes that makes me the ‘bad guy,’ in front of the children.

I do secretly admire these traits about my husband, though! Some simple things in life are hard to admit. Thanks to our big egos, right?!! 😉

Yesterday I had already made lunch for the boys and the boys were still in their pjs till 2:30pm… I saw them and they looked so comfortable and happy that I thought of breaking some rules!!!

While my husband and daughter were enjoying a nap, the boys and I decided to go on a lunch date and displayed to the whole world that we are major Pokémon and Minecraft fans 😉. It was nice to slow down for a day. 

One of my new year’s resolution is to ‘slow down’ and it already began yesterday! Wishing you and your loved ones a very safe and Happy New Year’s Eve and a wonderful year ahead!

4 thoughts on “It is ok to Break the Rules sometimes and Slow Down!!

  1. In my opinion, you made an “exception” to the rule, and with good intention. We need “slow” in our lives. Personally, I hope that if chronic “busy-ness” is a rule, it’s completely struck from the rule book.

    I suspect your boys were thrilled to spend time with their Mom, especially one also invested in playing some of the games they love. Cool beans! 🙂 Happy prosperous New Year to you and yours!!!

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