World Water Day

March 22nd is World Water Day, that is observed to highlight the importance of clean fresh water. Our Lower Elementary students began their day by learning about the water cycle through the amazing book, ‘The Water Journey’, by Eleonore Schmid. They absolutely loved creating their own water cycles with ziplock bags.

Water Cycle

After this fun activity, we all gathered around the circle and talked about the scarcity of water in Africa and how it prevents many young children, especially girls, from attending school and receiving an education as they are expected to aid their mothers in water retrieval and household chores. The children also got to learn that clean water and sanitation not only improves quality of life, but also brings health and economic benefits and contributes to poverty reduction.

It was very interesting to hear them, how we all forget in our blessed daily lives, that we are just a faucet away from fresh water. We talked about all kinds of ways we think water is wasted or misused in our everyday lives.

Later in the afternoon, the whole school went on a water walk to the creek with their own pitchers, one gallon buckets and five gallon buckets to fetch water. They got the feel of the tedious ways, through which some people in the world have to go through in order to get access to clean water for their families. It was so interesting to hear their comments as they struggled on the way back when they walked with full buckets.

Upper Elementary friends pumping water for younger friends
Filling their buckets

Here are some of the comments:

  1. “This is so heavy! How do the people in Africa even do this everyday.”
  2. “My water is spilling, I will be left with nothing when I get there.”
  3. “Oh no! My clothes are all wet. I was supposed to get water for other people, not my clothes.”
  4. “Oh Gosh! I can’t do this.”
Walking to the creek with their buckets
Struggling with the heavy bucket
Crossing the creek

At the end of the water walk the children made pledges in order to try to save as much water possible.

Student Pledges

Our students are advocating for Charity: Water and we encourage you to do the same. Here is the link:

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